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What is The Small Business Bootcamp (TSBB)?

TSBB is an educational and community building platform made for small business owners BY small business owners. 

Because the struggle is REAL so we need to help each other out!

We have been there!

The long days filled with coffee and chaos, the sleepless nights… filled with more coffee and chaos. 

We understand that  building a new business is hectic and stressful and that there are SO MANY unknowns. 

Through our experience, we’ve created a place for small business owners to be heard, to share, and to learn the skills they need to grow their business to its fullest potential. From social media courses to yoga videos to help with aching muscles, we’ve got everything that you could possibly need. (It’s called  “bootcamp” though, because you’ll still have to do the work.)

Why should YOU join us?

A community that supports you, top content creators, new content added daily, amazing discounts, and perkier perks. The benefits are endless! Your business can really only head in one direction, and that direction is awesomeness! Why wouldn’t you join us??? Check out our membership benefits for more details!


Behold, some of the brilliant humans you'll be learning from!

Ellen Melko Moore

Supertight Social Selling

Nichole Anderson

Anderson Media LLC

Daniel Anderson

Anderson Media LLC

The Team

Torya Primrose

Founder & CEO

Mike Mahony


Hadassah Trujeque

Operations Manager

The benefits are ENDLESS!

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