topgrading, hiring employees, find the best employees

Topgrading: The Best Way to Find Employees for Your Business

If you want to find the best employees, you need a system that will provide you with candidates that are both qualified and engaged. This is where Topgrading comes in. It’s been around for over 30 years and has helped many employers find the best employees.

This methodology was created because traditional hiring methods don’t quite cut it. Especially now, with many talents to choose from, it’s hard to find someone who will be your best fit by relying solely on resumes and traditional interviews. Instead, Topgrading can help you get more insight into what candidates are really like, and whether they’re the right fit for your brand.

Topgrading Helps You Find  Better Quality Candidates 

The first step in topgrading is reviewing your current hiring process and checking how many successful hires you have made in the past using your existing process. This will help you find out where your hiring process may be going wrong and how to fix these mistakes.

The second step involves having a clear idea of the candidate needed for the position. This is more than just the skills your ideal candidate must have, though. You will also include all the qualities you think will make for a good employee.

topgrading, hiring employees, find the best employees

In step three of the process, you will start recruiting candidates. The first two steps alone will have already prepared you to know precisely what you are looking for in your future employees. The list of candidates you make will all meet the criteria for what your business needs. You will also be able to rank them according to their suitability for your business. Starting with a list of great candidates will make the rest of the hiring process more manageable.

Topgrading Helps You Hire Your Best Candidate

After having a great list of candidates, your work is far from over. You will now have to choose from the best of the best. This is not always easy because all the candidates on your list may seem like the right fit. Do you have to interview ALL of them to decide whom you will hire? What a pain that would be. 

Fortunately, step 4 of topgrading involves thoroughly screening candidates’ work history using work history forms. You will get to look for red flags such as a lack of work experience, a long string of layoffs, a lack of skills, behavioral issues, and the like. Candidates with these red flags can then be removed from your list, and there will be no need to waste your time interviewing them. 

Steps 5, 6, and 7 of the process involve conducting interviews with your list of promising candidates. When you reach step 7 of this interview phase, these candidates will surely be the cream of the crop. They will definitely be worth the time you spend interviewing them. 

Steps 4 through 7 of topgrading are crucial. No matter how skilled someone is on paper, a bad attitude or bad work ethic ruins everything. While a traditional interview might not have revealed this, topgrading will. 

Additionally, it’s also important to remember that the most suitable candidates for your business will also be those you can pay without going over budget. Topgrading helps you do this. When topgrading, you attempt to hire the top ten percent of candidates willing to accept the salary you’re offering. This gives you the opportunity to hire the best employees possible while staying within your budget.

Topgrading Increases Performance

When topgrading is done well, the top performers of your top-ranked candidates will have the edge over all other qualified candidates. This is because these people have been through a process that reveals their true character and personality traits.

Simply put, they are the best fit for you because no one else can offer what they can.

topgrading, hiring employees, find the best employees

Your new hires will be engaged and have a good attitude. The employees you hire through topgrading will understand their importance in your business. They will be willing to do whatever it takes to prove that you made the right decision in hiring them.

This is sure to increase work performance. Employees engaged in their jobs produce more, and they also do so while maintaining a high level of quality. 

Topgrading Saves Time 

Although topgrading may seem tedious and time-consuming, look at the bigger picture. Hiring the right employees from the start is invaluable.

The topgrading process will save you from the hassle of doing many in-person interviews with those who are not the right fit. For example, step 5 is conducting telephone interviews. These interviews may be about 45 minutes long. However, suppose you decide someone is not suitable for your company. In that case, you will have only lost 45 minutes, or less, of your time, and moving on to the next candidate will be one phone call away.

In addition, although the right employees may still need some training, training them will be less time-consuming. This is because they are already qualified in every way possible. You will have already made sure of this during the topgrading process.

Topgrading Saves Money

Hiring someone unqualified, lacking the necessary skills, or simply not fit to work for you can cost so much.

After letting that person go, they need to be replaced. Hiring usually includes the cost of recruitment, training, salary, benefits, and workplace integration. Having to do this multiple times can really put a strain on your budget.

Bad hires also negatively influence employee morale and productivity. This ultimately leads to less work being done and money being lost even before getting rid of them.

topgrading, hiring employees, find the best employees

The Bottom Line

Topgrading is a hiring process for employers looking to find top talent. Topgrading goes beyond what a traditional hiring process does. It will help you find the best candidates, hire the right people, increase work performance, and save time and money in the process. And let’s not forget how much peace of mind comes with hiring the right employees for your business.

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